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Can I staple NM cable to the bottom of the TGI's in a crawl space or do I have to Bore holes. I know in a basement I have to drill unless it is 2-#6 or 3--#8

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Re: NM-Cable

It's also ok to attach to running boards. See Article 334.15(C) for details. Through the prepunched holes in TGIs are alot easier than installing running boards.

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Re: NM-Cable

If you're only running a couple cables, a sharp 3/4" paddle bit blasts through those TJI webs pretty quickly with a battery drill. The prepunched holes almost never line up.


Re: NM-Cable

I have a different point of view for crawl spaces only...

You do not need running boards for NM in a crawl space. You also do not need to drill or punch throuhg the TGI's in a crawl space. Stapling directly to the bottom of the TGI is perfectly acceptable in a crawl space.

Most TGI's have specific rules from the manufacturer and by building code allowing placement of non pre-punched holes in TGI's. In other words, drilling your own hole may weaken the TGI, and is generally frowned upon.

I would recommend stapling to the bottom - fastest, safest, yet still code compliant method.

Please note that this view is shared by all of the AHJ's that I have ever worked with. This view may not be the case in your neck of the woods, so I would check with your AHJ.

Enjoy your day!
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