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Can anyone help with a fire alarm code interpretation question? I have a multi-use group project that consists of non-separated A-use, B-use and S-use.

907.2.1 Group A. A manual fire alarm system that activates the occupant
notification system in accordance with Section 907.5 shall be installed in Group
A occupancies where the occupant load due to the assembly occupancy is 300
or more. Group A occupancies not separated from one another in accordance
with Section 707.3.10 shall be considered as a single occupancy for the
purposes of applying this section.

In my opinion, once you have the non-separation, the B-use and S-use areas are now A-use and the total building occupancy load would be considered in determining the scope of the fire alarm system. In this case over 1000 and requiring voice. This is a design build so I would like to get it right. I have spoken with 3 or 4 designers so far and there seems to be different interpretations.

Some agree with me but others feel that the fire alarm requirements would be based solely on the occupancy rate of the A-use area.

What say you? Thank you in advance.


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I am leaning toward the interpretation which follows the exact language of the code and therefore does not require any non-separated non-A-use occupancies in the structure to be taken into account.

"Group A occupancies not separated from one another..."


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It should be easy enough to contact the Fire Marshal having jurisdiction and ask him/her. That is who will make the final decision anyway.