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I don’t do a lot of commercial work and have a question regarding individual room dimmers used in conjunction with occupancy sensors.

Is the easiest way to accomplish dimming just to install a 2 gang box and wire the dimmer to the load side of the sensor?

Im sure this sounds elementary but is there a better way or product used to accomplish this?



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Almost all of that these days is done with a lighting control system. To do what you describe without a full blown lighting control you would still need some kind of dimmer that never turns off or compatible device system like the Maestro, if they even make a such a combo.


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Watt stopper relay and overhead sensor would work. You would have the dimmer preset to the level you wanted and control the switch leg.


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As to the question; yes, load side of the sensor to the dimmer. But wanted to add it’s pretty rare to see a wall box mounted occ sensor when using dimmers also on commercial.

Typically it’s going to be mounted in the ceiling and a dual-technology (ultrasonic/IR) sensor, then drop down to the wall dimmer.

And 99% of the time the engineer’s specs will require “factory commissioning” so make sure you are covered there if it’s in your specs. For me, this usually amounts to a factory rep coming by the job and saying “yep it works” or they might actually spend some time programming settings on the ceiling sensors.

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