Older CA Main Breaker PG&E

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Moraga, CA
I have an older combination meter / main breaker panel from ~ 1973 from California. The weather cover is embossed "Arrow-Hart Murray". There is no label in the box that describes maximum ampacity for the panel or either of the slots. There are currently two Bryant breakers on the load side. One 100A and one 30A that feed separate sub panels in the home. There are big 3/0 copper wires from the utility side to the load side of the panel which suggests to me that it supports 200A (perhaps 2x100A given the two breaker design?). Anyone recognize this panel or know how I can figure out the model # and specs?

I would like to upgrade the panel. However PG&E will approve only a "like for like" replacement of this panel. Otherwise we need major trenching and relocation of the panel. If I can figure out what it supports, I am hoping to convince PG&E to let me replace it in its current location with a modern 200A panel with a single main breaker, but that depends on documenting the capacity of this panel.
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