Opinions for from the British Columbia guys


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dang. Looks like they took the UK stance and the USA stance, decided that both let them hit up everyone for permit fees thus increasing the councils incomes, and so we now are close to needing permits to change lightbulbs... Hmm...
At least UK still allows people who are 'qualified' to do the work...


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there is always the argument over the term qualified with people claiming only those licensed are qualified and other saying some of those who are licensed are not qualified either..lol... meanwhile we have laws saying you can be licensed one time for a car, but need relicensed every few years for a forklift or a utility lift. All about money to me...


BC Canada
Of course it will still happen, but if it happens to discourage a few handymen from doing it I think that’s great. I’ve seen some pretty sketchy work done by handymen and homeowners out there.

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