outdoor hot tub bonding

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I am doing outdoor hot tub.It is already sitting on concrete deck.One of the corner is about 3-1/2' from 200 Amps house underground electrical service.Could that be legally so close to meter and brick wall(42") and if yes do I need to bond the meter enclosure and if yes could that be bonded with #8 CU wire directly to the existing el.service ground rod?I will also run 3/4" riggid pipe from indoor panel to the tub disconnect(Disconnect 5' away from the tub)along the brick wall so distance between the metal pipe and edge of tub will be 42".Do I also need to bond that?I already have GFCI rec.20 Amp 10' from tub.
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Dennis Alwon

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Check out this section first and make sure it doesn't apply then check to see about the interior wiring in paragraph below the first one (C)

Equipotential bonding of perimeter surfaces in accordance
with 680.26(B)(2) shall not be required to be provided for spas
and hot tubs where all of the following conditions apply:
(1) The spa or hot tub shall be listed, labeled, and identified
as a self-contained spa for aboveground use.
(2) The spa or hot tub shall not be identified as suitable only
for indoor use.
(3) The installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s
instructions and shall be located on or above
(4) The top rim of the spa or hot tub shall be at least 710 mm
(28 in.) above all perimeter surfaces that are within
760 mm (30 in.), measured horizontally from the spa or
hot tub. The height of nonconductive external steps for
entry to or exit from the self-contained spa shall not be
used to reduce or increase this rim height measurement.
Informational Note: For information regarding listing requirements
for self-contained spas and hot tubs, see ANSI/UL 1563–
2010, Standard for Electric Spas, Equipment Assemblies, and Associated

(C) Interior Wiring to Outdoor Installations. In the interior
of a dwelling unit or in the interior of another building or
structure associated with a dwelling unit, any of the wiring
methods recognized or permitted in Chapter 3 of this Code
shall be permitted to be used for the connection to motor
disconnecting means and the motor, heating, and control loads
that are part of a self-contained spa or hot tub or a packaged
spa or hot tub equipment assembly. Wiring to an underwater
luminaire shall comply with 680.23 or 680.33.
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