Palm beach county ECs - pulling permits


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So I got my EC in July and landed my first kitchen remodel. The GC has pulled a permit and I’ve walked the job with the owner and got the layout. I’m being asked for a riser diagram and drawings. I don’t know exactly how to do either and need your help. It’s a 2 story condo with 4 units per structure ( two on top two on bottom). Do I need to just show the layout of the new outlets and circuits kind of like a blueprint? I am also trying to register with the county as I assume that I will need to be. Job is in Delray Beach…..


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Every jurisdiction is different. Some places require individual permits for each trade, others allow all work under one permit. Some places want detailed diagrams, others don't. Unless you get lucky and someone here works in Palm Beach County, your best bet is to check with your local building department.