Parallel Service Entrance Conductors in One Conduit


Hi I'm wondering if someone can show me where in the NEC is allows this type of installation, where the utility connects their 4 overhead conductors (3 hot legs and 1 neutral) to the customer's 7 conductors (3 parallel sets of hot legs and one neutral) in one conduit/weatherhead feeding a meter bank. According to the Utility's requirements:

"A maximum of two (2) electrical conduits, with a maximum size of 4 inches will be permitted on a pole. Each conduit shall not be occupied by more than four (4) conductors. The conductors must be sized according to the latest edition of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70."

So presently the Utility doesn't allow this, but I want to verify where it is shown and if exceptions are also listed. The closest article I found is 230.40, but am not certain that this is correct.



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How does the "permitted on a pole" come in? Are they talking about customer wires running up the utility pole to connect to the POCO conductors.
It does not seem to make sense to apply it to a customer's weatherhead.



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In general the NEC is a permissive code, that is if the code does not say you can't do it, then you can do it. There is nothing in the code that prohibits multiple sets of parallel conductors in a single raceway.


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There is nothing in the NEC that restricts the number of conductors in a conduit but POCOs have the right to develop their own rules for connection of services.


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As others have indicated, there is not an NEC requirement for parallel conductors to be in different raceways. And in your case, since they are all in the same raceway, there is no requirement for all the conductors to be in parallel (such as the neutral). As long as the installation meets the calculated ampacity and conduit fill requirements it should be good to go.
Now if the POCO has an issue with this that is up to them.


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So I could run two sets of service entrance conductors down a single standpipe to a single meter pan and not violate NESC 230.40, along with the exceptions?


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Don't forget, you'll need to de-rate the ampacity of your conductors if you put more than 3 current-carrying conductors in the same raceway, whether they're connected in parallel or not.