"Per Opening"


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In doing residential work I have never priced per opening.

Would every component such as a bath fan, can light, door chime, switch, receptacle, be considered an opening?


James L

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Kansas Cty, Mo, USA
I price per opening.

Every gang is an opening - range & dryer count as 2 each

Every component (such as fireplace, ac disconnect, etc) is an opening - in addition to any dedicated circuit

Every breaker space is an opening - in addition to the price for a circuit

My opening price includes basic materials needed for something standard, like a switch or receptacle - roughly $12.00 for materials covers box, wire, cheap device. Anything over that basic price is rounded up and added on. I add $15 for smoke detector, $20 for can light, etc

Labor is an average across all openings, but I add for extensive install such as high chandelier, ceiling fan, etc.