Pool fence bonding


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Swimming pool with chain link perimeter fence 12 ft away from pool water. I understand the 5ft rule but what if someone was standing on the wet concrete deck within the 5ft with the aluminum pole dip net and decided to dump the net over the chain link fence and laid the pole on top of the fence. My question is should I bond the fence to the bonding grid???


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IMHO there is no reason not to do additional bonding (unless it would create touch potential or step potential hazard that did not exist before, as when there are severe POCO ground currents.)
The NEC does not play "what if", so bonding the fence to the equipotential grid is not required just because you have a metal pole present.
The fence will already be earthed by its posts, so the only time it will matter is when the fence or the swimming pool equipotential grid are not at remote earth voltage.

Buck Parrish

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MH says in one of his videos do not connect it to the bonding grid if it's not required. You will be connecting some thing to the electrical grid. The fence will be earthed with the post as GD said. So in some scenario the service neutral could become compromised. Then the fence post could become a better ground for the service neutral. Are you following me?