Prometric Sample Test

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While searching Ebay I found an sample test from the testing agency that does Maine Master Electrician testing. It contains five sample test of 100 questions each. Are you permitted to use these? I know I can do what I want, but just like to do things legit, I am still going to study cause the test just get the paper to work, I want to know my stuff inside and out (which is an ongoing process anyhow) Just wanted to make sure that it would not cause me any issues with the liscensing board.
I do not see a problem using them as study guides.
The following are the topics and the approximate # of questions on each subject

General Electrical Knowledge 10
Wiring and Protection 25
Wiring Methods and Materials 20
Equipment for General Use 20
Special Occupancies 10
Special Equipment 5
Special Conditions 5
Communications Systems 5
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