PVC and threaded entry for electrical panels and meters

I read an article on this and it says when you use metal between the meter and the panel. When you do this you parallel the neutral between the panel and the meter. Does this also mean that when you use rigid for the riser it is paralleled as well? I researched this and found that you can not screw a pvc fitting in a threaded metal hub. So you can use a short metal nipple in the hub with a female adapter then take the pvc to the meter. You would have to do the same if you use a rigid pvc riser. The nipples are grounded by the meter or the panel.


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Yes, up to and including the main disconnect enclosure, the metallic parts do parallel the neutral, and are actually part of that pathway.. That's one reason there is no separate EGC required ahead of the main. The code effectively sees the meter enclosure as a lump in the neutral conductor.
Doesn't this effect the impedance? And if its in contact with a metal building it can also carry current? This seems to make this an undesirable situation. If you have a loose fitting it can arch and possibly cause a fire. I remember the first time i ever saw a riser glowing at the hub. This was due to a loose hub.