PVC type DB raceway


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Where are you seeing this raceway? Is DB for direct burial only?

352.120 Marking. Each length of PVC conduit shall be clearly and durably marked at least every 3 m (10 ft) as required in the first sentence of 110.21(A). The type of material shall also be included in the marking unless it is visually identifiable. For conduit recognized for use aboveground, these markings shall be permanent. For conduit limited to underground use only, these markings shall be sufficiently durable to remain legible until the material is installed. Conduit shall be permitted to be surface marked to indicate special characteristics of the mate‐ rial.


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My understanding is that conduit is not listed by UL or anyone else, and it does not fit into any of the NEC wiring methods.

Utilities may use it since the NEC doesn't apply to them. But I don't think it can be used as a Chapter 3 wiring method.

You MIGHT be able to use it for low voltage wiring, or other wiring where conduit is optional, but I'm not sure.