Quiz Change from NEC to MH workbook

Four years ago I purchased MH Inspectors educational package of CDs and 2014 NEC code quiz. The (then) NEC Code quiz provided invaluable exercises for navigating and mastering the code. Now I have need of this code quiz but when I request it from MH I'm given a link to a different quiz for the MH workbook with no NEC reference to the relevant NEC articles. The quiz I had before had hundreds (maybe thousands) of NEC questions about specific NEC articles; (all with code references) . MH staff had prepared an incredible resource I cannot seem to access.

MH staff member Joe Galante could or would only provide me with this (lame by comparison) quiz for some workbook. https://mikeholt.com/quiz_take.php?quiz_id=40 which provides no NEC code article reference.
Joe Galante does not seem to understand my need for the NEC code quiz, or the difference between what I need and this inadequate substitute.

I'm posting this here because I know most of you will know what I'm talking about. These quizzes are different. I need access to the 2014 NEC code quiz. I'm willing to pay again. Can anyone help kick this up the chain to someone who can help me? Joe Galante will not return my emails.

-Russell Ensslin