Reject 2-128a - Electric Vehicle Charging Circuit

George Stolz

Staff member
210.17 Electric Vehicle Branch Circuit. Outlet(s) installed for the purpose of charging electric vehicles shall be supplied by a separate branch circuit. This circuit shall have no other outlets.
Informational Note. See 625.2 for the definition of "Electrical Vehicle".
1.) NEC Section/Paragraph: 210.17 (new)
2.) Comment Recommends: Deleted Text.
3.) Proposal/Comment: Reject the proposal.
4.) Substantiation: Panel 2 is once again venturing into design considerations without minding the impositions of vague and unenforceable language on both installers and inspectors trying to comply with the Code, and without evidence of a problem relating to safety or fire hazard. The panel is creating a problem where the installer may claim it is for a blender and the inspector claims it looks like an EV-charging location. This is a design consideration based on equipment that may not have even been invented yet. See the panel's more appropriate responses to proposals 2-63 and 2-64. There may be instances where the designer finds it beneficial to group an EV receptacle with other loads for other purposes.

Dennis Alwon

Staff member
I guess you don't like what was accepted. BTW, the submitter is CMP2 so do they just accept their own proposal-- they can't loose can they.