Reject 2-47: GFCI for Laundry Areas

George Stolz

Staff member
210.8(A)(10) Laundry Areas
1.) Comment on Proposal No.: 2-47
2.) Recommendation: Reject the proposal.
3.) Substantiation: There was no substantiation provided to require GFCI in Laundry Areas, at all. As written, the substantiation should have been to a proposal to add "(9) Everywhere Else"! If the submitter has evidence that GE appliances are failing and killing people I would invite them to offer up this data. Also, this proposal could conflict with the beneficial change accepted to change required circuits to refer to the equipment, rather than an undefined area, in 210.11 and 210.52. With the 2011 change to require GFCI protection around all sinks, and then the 2014 proposal to require GFCI protection on all bathtubs, that about covers every laundry area/equipment receptacles. It is unnecessary, and in most cases will require an extra line-side GFCI receptacle to protect the washer receptacle, based on the "readily accessible" requirement added in 2011.