Removing conductors from a raceway

George S

Elk Grove Illinois
Project Manager
I'm involved with a project that requires the removal of 3 - # 2 aluminum conductors with THW insulation in an 1 1/4" EMT. The vertical riser conduit starts on the fourth floor and terminates in the basement electric meter cabinet. I believe there are as many as 4 ninety degree bends. Any thoughts on pouring from the fourth floor a lubricant or product into the conduit to free the conductors from the interior of the raceway to facilitate their removal without breakage?

tom baker

First Chief Moderator
Staff member
There is a product designed for that, maybe made by polywater.
I once used a tigger to pull out 22 #12 from 3/4” rigid, I tied half hitches with a rope and used the cat head for pulling.


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Tom is correct. It's called Polywater CableFree Loosener. You pour or pump CableFree into the de-energized conduit, insert an extension wand connected to an air blow gun, pack around the wand and cables with some duct seal, then blow the CableFree through the conduit with air pressure from the blow gun. It's best to leave the CableFree overnight to help the cables release before attempting to pull them out.