Reserving cash for electrical upgrades (New business)


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Good evening

I've been reading a ton on this board and others and haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I'm hoping one of you electrical genius' can help out! Im not an electrician, just an IT geek considering a new business venture.

I am considering leasing a small commercial / industrial property with 120/208y service to run a lot of computer gear. I would like to make sure Im reserving enough cash to prepare for the required extra circuits and copper that would be needed. I'm not looking for an actual estimate or anything, but just a ballpark for how much I should reserve.

My initial needs would be less than 20KVA, with the intention of having about 10 - 12 new L6 30r outlets installed within 20-25 feet of the panel that would be used to feed PDUs powering 2-4 devices each (800 - 1200w / device). The new circuits could use on-wall exposed metal conduit, nothing in-wall or ceiling to pull. There may eventually be growth to another 15 circuits or so but they would not need to be added immediately. The total draw (future) shouldn't exceed 55KVA. The load on the new outlets would be 24/7, estimating about 40,000 KWH / month.

Would I be correct in assuming I should be looking for a facility with at least a 200a 208y service?

If there are still too many variables, I understand. I'm just trying to figure out my financial needs before pursuing a facility, and information is power! (pun intended)

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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I would suggest you consult an electrical engineer and or local electrical contractor.
Besides what your anticipated loads are, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment and outlets need to be factored in.
Some locations an upgrade would be much more costly then others.
It may be worthwhile to pay the EE or EC to visit a proposed location before signing.
I wouldn't listen to the commercial listing agent when it comes to the service.
There are times where it's not always clear what the service is.
Such as a high leg, or perhaps that space has more than 1 meter and panel available.

A quick note is 55 kva is at 208v is well over 200a.