RV 50a to 30a cord

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Is considered safe to plug into a 50a rv connector with a dogbone adapter to 30a? Trailer will have a 30 amp breaker, pole has 50a?

I'm only a mechanical engineer, my electrical experience comes from licking a 9V battery and working on energized circuits :)

I had one house that I'm absolutely convinced the prior owner was trying to set the house on fire, left it for me to find all the violations
  • romax between doorwall and stud AND a roofing nail driven into the romax, which left a significant burn mark on the stud.
  • very slight leakage between hot and neutral. Enough current flowing to move the breaker slightly off on, but not enough to trip it. This was behind a wall, and I'm guessing a staple through the romax. I rewired that section.
  • Live romax, end cut off, and put into a wood support beam in the basement. Yep, just stuck into a hole in the wood.
  • panel ground wire went up, to where, nobody knows. Also explains why AM radio couldn't receiving anything inside or near the house.
  • wires twisted together, no nut just twisted together in a metal box
  • wires twisted with a nut, but not in a box, behind drywall.
Back to the RV question, I had a 50 year experienced electrician (his words, not mine), tell me that 30a wire would fail an burn up, because the breaker was down stream, and the wire wouldn't be protected upstream, as that was a 50a breaker.

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