Sealing DLO Cable from Tray to a JBox in a Class 1 Div2 location

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To All,

I'm looking for the appropriate fitting to seal a type DLO cable coming out of a cable tray in a class 1 Div.2 location to a box to allow me to make up a motor feed connection. The motor is a rated motor, there are appropriate seal-off fittings, filled w/ Oakum & Chico, where the feed cables come out of the floor. To facilitate ease of maintenance, the owner needs to modify from conduit to cable tray inside the rated area.

What is the best type of fitting for me to use? The motor size (800HP @ 575V), requires multiple single conductor 535 DLO cables w/ gnd to feed it. I would like to use a type OZ/Gedney type GRE or GRK if these will work.
Remember, this is all with in the rated space, not entering or exiting.
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Let's start with the fact that DLO isn't an approved wiring method in Classified locations to start with. [See Section 501.10(B)] In fact, it isn't an approved general wiring method unless it is also marked as one of the conductors in Table 310.104 and for cable tray use. Fortunately, it usually is.

Personally, I would have no problem with it, "as-is" since the seals are no longer required to be explosionproof in a Class I, Division 2 location unless the enclosure is required to be explosionproof. [See Section 501.15(B), especially the last sentence of 501.15(B)(2)]
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