Setbacks for roof edges (Florida)


I have a project for a home that is essentially a basic single ridge building, 40' long with a 20' gabled dormer sticking out on one side. Florida Fire Prevention Plan, which is based on the 2015 NFPA 1, says I need 3' paths on roof faces with panels on it UNLESS adjoining roof faces have no panels and provide that paths on Hip Roof layouts. Would that still apply to the dormer? I may need to position the modules 2' from the edge/rake of the dormer and all the way into the valley, but the adjoining faces on either side have no modules. Am I violating fire lane codes this way? The dormer is like a carport/garage portion attached to the roof.


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In my experience the fact that codes don't mention things like dormers does not mean that the rules don't apply there. (After all, the code can't possibly really account for all the roof arrangements out there.) You have to apply common sense and hope the AHJ agrees. In other words, make sure that firefighters still have an easy way to get to that ridge, and maybe you can do what you want.