Shock protection - working distance from 480 vac

Dan Kissel

st louis, mo
My company has many existing control panels that have a AF calorie level of less than 1.2 calories. The panels have 24vdc control but the panels also have 480 motor control, usually in a separate portion of the control panel. Sometimes 480vac and 24 VDC are in separate sides of the same enclosure. For the most part the 480 terminals are finger safe.

Arc Flash below the 1.2 calorie is below the threshold where Arc Rated clothing is required.

Restricted Approach Boundary is 12 inches which to shock. NFPA 70E Table 130.4 (C) (a)

Can a qualified person service the energized enclosure with normal non AF clothing and without shock gloves if the person stays at least 12 inches from the 480vac?