Smart home wiring distribution

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I am currently remodeling my home, and am looking for input regarding wiring a network media center for aodio, video, & data distribution. I see Leviton and DirectConnect products, but I would like some feedback from others who have installed or used these systems before I make an investment in one of them.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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Re: Smart home wiring distribution

As a Pass and Seymore installer, I prefer their system. There are some others that are good also as Bryan has stated.
I've seen the Leviton system, and to me it's inferior.
The P&S system can be used in conjunction with some X10 components. Such as their cameras. P&S has cameras also, but X10 has some PTZ cameras that are great.
I have seen problems with the X10 3-way and 4-way switches.
For audio, we try to keep the runs as short as possible. The central hub for the system can be a far run from a receiver and then to the speakers.


Re: Smart home wiring distribution

I have trouble shot X-10 installations for 12 years. And although the technology is easy to install and fun, I would never recommend it when hard wiring is possible. X10 involves a signal getting from a transmitter to a receiver. In the electrical system, there are hundreds of devices and situations that can interfere with that signal getting from the T to the R. Troubleshooting X10 is a nightmare. Many will say they have not had any problems, but a greater number should testify to the opposite. That being said, you asked about audio/video. Pick an equipment location for all your A/V equipment and try to have rear access to the equipment without haveing to remove it. This insures easy equipment maintenance and replacement, and easier troubleshooting. Pick another location for a "hub", a wall cabinet that holds all your CATV, phone, satellite, and network wiring and equipment. Without knowing what you want in your home (distributed audio, home theater, lighting automation, home networking, etc.) it is impossible to tell you exactly what to wire for. Read some appropriate magazines and see what the professionals are doing. Keep all LV wiring at least 12" aay from any electricfal iring running parallel to it. Minimize close proximity to any AC iring when possible. Leviton, Pass & Seymore, and others all make excellent products, find some homes that are wired with their and visit them. Do more research. An automation system that is hard wired, with X10 compatability so you can control the few things that you just can't hard wire is acceptable. Or, a hard wire system with RF exapndability is better if your budget allows. Hope this isn't too much. Good luck.


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Re: Smart home wiring distribution

i agree with pacscott on the whole. wherever possible hardwire rather than going plc [powerline carrier].

on-q has a good system. see

many higher-end security systems can also perform automation functions and initiate x10 commands or activate relays. some have telephone interfaces so that users can operate them locally or remotely over the phone.

if you go x10 keep in mind that your home needs to be isolated from other x10 equipped homes on the grid. it is unusual, but sometimes someone else's system can send yours commands and vice versa.

if you want to find out more about x10 this is a great site:

if you need more detail or ideas send me an email.
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