spotlight/tracklight trim for sloped ceiling can

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Customer has two sloped cans in a cathedral ceiling with eyeball trims that originally splashed some pictures on a wall at the gable end of the ceiling with some 65 watt R-30's.

The pictures have been moved up to allow for a projection screen. Now the eyeballs don't have enough tilt to light the new picture area.

Is there a trim or retrofit that will allow more tilt? I am trying to avoid abandoning the old cans, if possible.

I wouldn't think an R30 would work anymore but it might have to be something that extended below the can more, maybe even something like a small track-light type housing like this:

The existing cans may not be Juno and I can't tell how these are supposed to attach from the pics (it looks like there are screw-holes?) and if they will attach to any generic can.

I'm thinking this PAR-16 trim might be close, but I may find that I will need more than 45 degrees once I take the measurements as it looked sharp:

Another problem I might run into with the PAR-16 trim above is that since I am on the gable end wall, the light will be directed some to the side and it looks like I could get some shadow or not be able to get the full 45 degrees.

Anyone ever use either of these?
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