Spray Booths

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My situation is this:
I have a solvent spraying spray booth that is open on three sides and the forth (back) wall is a power ventalation system, sucking out vapors during normal operating conditions. The painter in most instances does not wear a gas mask and will paint all day. I feel that the vapor level are never able to reach a hazardous level.
Would this be considered a class 1 division 1 group d location?
if it is not a haz location:
How can I test or prove that it is not a hazardous location?


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You would need to know the vapor density, flash point, upper and lower flammable index ratings and other properties of the product before you could make a decision.


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You probably want to do some air sampling of the known hazardous ingredients per the product MSDS while in operation and ensure that the worker is not being exposed above set PEL's.
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