"Stadium" type floodlights that are dimmable?


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I have a customer (organization) that I do a lot of service work for.
They have an outdoor Ampitheater that has nightly shows every night during the summer. It seats about 3,000 people max.

They have 6 "Houselights" that illuminate the whole place. Each of them is 1500 watt halogen operating at 277. They are set up for dimming capability.

We're looking to replace (update) them but I haven't been able to find anything that's dimmable for this application.
Also, they prefer the light to be in the 3000K - 4000K spectrum.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Sounds like a job for SceneryDriver.
Clearly it cannot be gas discharge of any normal variety since those are not dimmable. Going to LED technology may well require going to a larger number of smaller fixtures.


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Yep, you're definitely into LEDs, whether a small number of big ones or more/smaller ones (which -might- be better in terms of aiming).