Starting up Standby Generators


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Is manufacturer warranty typically voided if generator vendor is not present during commissioning of standby generator system(including ATS)? I have a project where the client feels comfortable with starting up and performing testing on the unit themselves. I wonder if there are any potential issues that we may be overlooking with this approach.



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I would never let a client start up and test an air conditioner that I installed. I know what sounds they make when they aren't right, and am prepared to shut them down immediately when that happens. I'm not worried about the warranty (liability), as much as preventing further damage.(more work).

That said, I do not know the typical issue with your generator installation.


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I don't know what brand you are dealing w/, but I just installed a Kohler 20KW at our place in the mountains. One hour drive from the dealer. They started it up and did anything necessary in the computer, as well as making sure it was set for propane. When I installed it, it ran like a charm.:)

Haven't needed any warranty work, so I can't speak to that.


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Just some thoughts here and not necessarily how it works all the time ...

The more self contained a genset is the easier it might be a situation of said generator can be started and tested before it is delivered to the final installation site. If you connect something wrong on the load side of overcurrent devices already installed, it should be protected by that overcurrent device. That mostly leaves you with proper fuel, and ventilation. Those are things that still can get you later on if something changes to affect those things.

If you don't put oil in the crankcase, that isn't manufacturer's fault. If authorized rep does initial startup, owner is still responsible to maintain oil level afterwards as well as other similar issues.