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Have a "space ship" bath tub/shower/streamer/hydro/music/lights/ozone/INTERNET comb unit. made in third world, with no instructions. everything about this unit is 110 volts.
I talked to elect. inspector about this "thing" to see if it would fly, inspector want a single pole gfci breaker. But i cant find a single pole 40 AMP GFCI breaker for the streamer unit. i thought i heard/ or saw at one time that i could use a "Two pole breaker", but use only one pole and mark it as such. any items.


Where do you think it was made at? I am definetly on the eastern side of the world right now but I have yet to see any 110 volt stuff over here. About the breaker I have a 63 amp single pole din rail breaker but it's not GFCI. Actually I have even seen a 100 amp single pole here. Not that this helps you any.:)


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Check for a listing mark or some other labeling on the unit. It sounds as if it may NOT meet minium US standards if it has not been investigated by a NRTL.
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