Surge protector

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i've installed quite a few and haven't had any callbacks off it.

my parents were suffering surges from lightning strikes regularly, and i installed one there along with a few extra grounding electrodes and they haven't lost any equipment since; that was about 5 years ago.

Pierre C Belarge

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There is a tremendous amount of information on the web.

here is an explanation - it may not be completely up to date, as the Standard recently changed, which is reflected in the '08 NEC

ABB surge protective devices



How to Choose Them

Application of SPD

Google page full of links

Reading about the manufacurer's products and as much reading as you can will help over time to figure this stuff out.
this part of our industry has just been through a big change, and I think that the foreseeable future will produce even more dramatic changes as technology moves forward.


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I replaced one after a close lighting strike it protected the house but cooked the serge protector.

tom baker

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I learned this from Mike Holt:
You get what you pay for
More is better
I do mostly electrical for instrumentation and control.I don't install an electrical service without SPDs. Its paid off in a reduction of electronic equipment damage
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