Taking Nevada C-2 in 2 days


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Hey All, Purchased Mike Holts masters prep package and just finished the entire electrical exam prep book. I completed both NEC simulated master exam and electrical calculations scoring above 90% on both.

Just wondering how related the simulated exams are to the actual PSI exam. How did you guys feel the Mike holt stuff prepped you for the exam? What parts of the code should i study a bit more that the Mike holt book might not have gotten into?

C2 exam for Nevada question breakdown.
- General electrical knowledge 6
- Service, Feders, Branch circuits 7
- Ground and bonding 7
- Conductors and cables 8
- Raceways and boxes 7
- Special occupancies and equipment 5
- Electrical power 6
- Motors 6
- Low voltage 2
- Lighting 5
- Illuminated signs 2
- Fire detection and alarm systems 2
- Safety Information 8
- Transmission lines 5
- Overcurrent Protection 4

Total 80 questions with a 4 hour time limit, I am allowed to bring NEC code book/hand book highlighted and underlined only.