Taking The ICC 2A & 2B Exam

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I am planning to take the ICC 2A and 2B electrical inspectors exam in the first quarter of next year. I have looked all over the web and I cannot find any study guides for those exams.
I did order the study guides for the ICC E1 & E2 exams.
What is the difference between the 2A 2B and the E1 E2 exams and will the E1 and E2 study guides work for the 2A 2B exams ?
What would be good study material for the 2A and 2B exam.



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2A is One & Two family dwellings, all residential, 2B is Electrical General, that one ya navigate the code book more and the questions get tougher basically a little of everything except residential, 2C is the hardest, thats plan review. Im from NJ, in NJ when ya get 2A and 2B your licensed as an ICS electrical inspector, Industrial Commercial specialist, you can do plan review and inspections up to six stories and any residential project but you cant be the official who signs off on the reveiw or inspection, the sub code electrical official has to do it, the SCO has to be appointed and also have 2C plan reveiw which takes your classification to HHS Hazardous Highrise Specialist. My buddy was our building official who had his thru ICC, I was thru Prometric, I think the exams are about the same question wise but I heard it was better to get licensed via ICC exams because more states recognize ICC and in other words you can just transfer your credentials anywhere, I have PA as well and they honered Prometric and my HHS level licensure but there isnt any work ! Its all part time, no benefits 3 hrs a week, 8 hrs a week etc, then they load you with so many plan reveiws and field inspections and dont wanna hear it when ya ask for a few more hours to do your job the right way !!!!
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