Three die in manhole

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I suspect we will find eventually that no safety protocols that were followed at all. They just went in because they done it a hundred times before and nobody had ever died before so obviously it was safe. This is the kind of thinking that gets people killed on a regular basis.
I'm sure you are right about that. My field was industrial electronics. Safety protocols were strictly adhered to - for that. Now and again we encountered a few rather 'surprising' instances. One such was a variable speed drive lashing in the rain. That is outside with no external covering. Madness. Fortunately, the customer and lads survived. The drive was not so lucky.

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The company was fined $14,000 for improper training on confined space entry. Still have not heard complete report on cause of death but am still guessing lack of oxygen at the depth they were working. I think back at all the stupid things I did back in the 80's and fortunately they did not kill me. Prayers still go out to the family members of the people involved and hopefully a lesson learned to many others.


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.. they've done it a hundred times before and nobody had ever died before, so obviously it was safe. ...
Ah, yes, the quintessential conundrum when you're trying to promote safety:
  1. Identify a hazard.
  2. Persuade 99% of the people to respect the hazard 99% of the time.
  3. Nobody gets hurt or killed by this particular hazard for a long time. Success, right?
  4. Everybody forgets that it's a hazard.
  5. People begin thinking that it's no longer a hazard and stop respecting it.