TIA for 210.52(C)(2)

Dennis Alwon

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Chapel Hill, NC
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I just noticed a proposed TIA for 210.52. I thought this may be of interest to all.. Please comment

210.52(C)(2) Island and Peninsular Countertops and Work SPurfaces. Receptacle outlets
shall be installed in accordance with 210.52(C)(2)(a) and (C)(2)(b).
(a) At least one receptacle shall be provided for the first 0.84 m2 (9 ft2), or fraction thereof, of
the countertop or work surface. A receptacle outlet shall be provided for every additional
1.7 m2 (18 ft2), or fraction thereof, of the countertop or work surface.
(b) At least one receptacle outlet shall be located within 600 mm (2 ft) of the outer end of a
peninsular countertop or work surface. Additional required receptacle outlets shall be
permitted to be located as determined by the installer, designer, or building owner. The
location of the receptacle outlets shall be in accordance with 210.52(C)(3).
A peninsular countertop shall be measured from the connected perpendicular wall.


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According to the substantiation, the only thing they did was add the last sentence. It was apparently omitted by mistake in the first two drafts. The rest of it was that way through the whole process.