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We are a small shop looking for training courses for our apprentice and maybe even JM. We want to implement some kinda training courses to help the younger generation of apprentice but so far no luck. Anyone have suggestions with starting a class at work or just some online courses guys can do on their own time that we could keep track off? or any suggestions. I know the larger shops are having trouble finding good help and the guys with a license arent any better so they decided to raise their own.


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Only problem with at home on-line classes is if there heart isn’t in it they will simply put in the required time and gain nothing from it.

But than again the same with in person, so really either way the ones that want to eat you will be offering the food.

I would suggest all of MikeHolts material. Not just study prep for the J-Man test, but electrical theory, bonding and grounding. Anything to help them understand the why and how behind the task they will be performing in the field.


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I know this is Mike Holt's forum but the Independent Electric Contractors have very good material and on line classes.