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Saw this product at a local festival in a vendor booth.
Its a permanently installed LED light system with an app to control all aspects of the display. the LED lights install in an aluminum channel that is run at the edge of the roof soffit.
The company has been in business since 2011. But no where on the website does it mention its UL listed. The LEDs are powered from a small module, which goes in an enclosure, typically mounted in the garage. The module is then plugged in into a 120 V receptacle
Has anyone seen or have experience with this system? The rep said that is permanent installed holiday lighting and not subject to the 90 limit in the NEC
Side Note: I have had two LED display systems that failed after about 5 years
Lazy Man Christmas lights, could set different colors, ect
App Lights, this one was neat as it had preset displays for different holidays. controlled by a phone app


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That looks to be a cool system, I was never in support of the change to 410.6 now over 10 years ago in 2008, I think it stifles innovation in lighting.


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I've been wondering when this type of lighting would become popular. I don't think most homeowners will care about the NRTL.