Underground branch circuits leaving the buidling and coming back in?

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Do you know of any codes that restrick you from running undergound branch circuits from inside the building then out of the building and then back in. This is a commerical healthcare facility (non-health care loads). I have a panel on one wing and have to feed branch circuits on another wing. If I stay in the building I will be looking at a 350' run. If I run undergound and go out of the building and then back in I am looking at a run of 160'. Will I be in complaince with the NEC


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I like it. An even better time is to run the conduit before the slab is poured!


Heck of a time saver.


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Details, details, I just dropping coins into the well...

I frankly thought I had one... (kicking toe)

ok, But... :D 210.25

but, I do like the way 240.24(B)(1) is written...

& Wrong ... still :D


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Along the same lines...

Say there's a pool sub-panel (with ample capacity) that's fed (underground) from the outside (residential) Main Disconnect panel.

Lets say I need to install a branch circuit to feed a new air conditioner, and the air conditioner is located on a outside wall that's close to the pool panel.

The new AC, and the pool panel are on the other side of the residence and far away from the Main disconnect (and inside house breaker) panel.

Is it legal to run a branch circuit from the pool panel to feed the AC ?

How about setting a feeder panel on the outside wall of the house and supplying it from the pool panel?

Just curious
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