Underground Circuit Tracing


We have a good account doing lighitng maintenance for exteriors, we need to purchase an underground circuit tracer for shorts, open circuits, identification back to the panel, etc. I have little to no experience with these types of tracers. Does anyone have recommendations? Price goes from 150 to 1000's that I see.


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I've had several different ones. Amprobe makes one that is decent and can be used on energized circuits. I have had relatively cheap ones that worked well for one type of problem but worthless on another. Right now we use mostly an Ideal cable locator and also an Ideal Fault finder. I am sure they were made by someone else with an Ideal sticker applied. We also have a couple TDRs but have limited success with those mostly due to operator experience and training. You most likely will not find a one size fits all. Expect to pay $$$$ for the better.