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Some questions about the above. I have a client who has some bio tech instruments that are supposedly very sensitive. He claims that the smallest power "flicker" will make them reset and stop. We talked about a UPS but he claims they looked into that and that most UPS's are not fast enough, but that there are a few expensive high end ones that are. I thought that is what a UPS was and why it has a "U" in it - that it is essentially an inverter powered off a battery so the power supply is continuous. Who is off base here, me or him? Also, we talked about using a TVSS and/or some sort of "power conditioner". Does a UPS act as a power conditioner? I would think if it is making a sine wave with an inverter than it is, as long as nothing takes out the inverter section. Would just a high quality UPS and a TVSS be all we need here?


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You might want to consider an extreme isolation transformer, many OEM medical equipment makers placed the units inside of their portable equipment as standard.They have low capacitance , extra magnetic iron core material. I have one from a ultrasound cart that I sometimes use with audio equipment with good results. Removed from an ultrasound cart, appears that Xentrek is no longer around but plenty of used units are.

They are not a substitute for a UPS, but are for covering spikes and blips as you are suggesting they require.
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A few samples


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I think there are two types of UPS units. There are the cheap ones that kick in when power goes out, so there is probably some glitch in the waveform. Then there are the double conversion ones that basically are always running off the inverter. This is the type they would need.

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Yes a double conversion would be required. I had quite a few Best Ferrups UPS, high quality, electromagnetic. The new version from Eaton is the 9000 series. Would be worth your time to contact Eaton, APC is another.