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I don't think MH has these on his site. Anyone knows of electrical wiring program that I can use to show students how basic circuits wiring works. Now I do all the wiring drawing on the white board and I am awful artist. What I am looking for is a program that I can add or subtract wiring and devices from a given circuit and students will see on the projected screen what happens to the circuit.

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You need some batteries, wire, wire strippers, screwdriver, assorted knife switches (smaller versions of what Dr. Frank... Fronkensteen has on his control panel), light bulbs either in sockets or snipped from holiday light strings. The bulbs need to light up with the batteries.

And build some circuits! It's much easier to see (and believe) these things work if you can see them in action! Especially things like 3-way or 4-way lighting circuits!

Given enough parts, have groups of students assemble the circuits and see what happens!

You'll have students who -know- what's happening, and, chances are, they'll stay awake for at least one lesson! :roll:


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Paul, I do have a full lab and the students work on their real wiring projects. What I want is a simulation so when I teach the wiring diagram I don't have to draw it on the board. I want them to see on the projector how a switch, 3 way, 4 way, receptacles, wiring, wire nuts....... work.

I have been searching but have not found what I am looking for. There used to be lab book that had great wiring showing colors, wire nuts, devices... but I can not even find that.


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If you can't hand draw things that are legible, can you use a drawing program?

There are many out there some are kind of simple some are pretty complex.

I don't know what they have to offer today but a long time ago I found "SmartDraw" and it was easy to learn compared to a few others I tried. Now that I have sort of figured it out I think some of those others may be a little easier for me to learn, I think they just had better help and turorials for those that are not familiar with this kind of software.