Violations in the photo

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Maybe that is the main service panel.:roll:
LOL!!! Good one!!!

I can see the person who installed this saying this: "Why hire an electrician (Electrical Contractor), as long as it's safe it's good to go, and we save money.":roll:


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that picture is just terrible.

it looks like they just kept hooking up wires until it worked.

Very astute! You get an "A+"!!!! :grin: They must have said: "I wonder what that other lug is for, and why the second breaker doesn't work? OK, we'll just put this here green wire over to that one."
Bending radius of some of the conductors.

Screws in the side of the enclosure supporting the enclosure.

The screws securing the hub closure do not look like the ones supplied with the hub closure - they protrude too far into the enclosure.

It is difficult to see, but the screw securing the bus to the enclosure looks like a wood screw.

The screw supporting the enclosure on the top right side looks as though it may inhibit the installation of the cover.

If the incoming supply is 6 AWG or smaller, it is not permitted to be re-identified white or gray as per 200.6.

I wonder what is in the walls behind this mess???
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