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An interesting discussion.

I found this on a quick search for timing of the last ice age.

One 32nd of my ancestry came across the land bridge from asia siberia to north america some 12,000 to 10,000 years ago. This is from the National Geographic DNA analysis. It is interesting from the ABC discussion that there were many land bridges back in the last ice age. This was not mentioned in the National Geographic analysis. And thus a much better explanation of how people got to remote areas. This makes more sense than small boats over long ocean paths.

In the short term we may have global warming, but over the next 100,000 years there most likely will be a new major ice age independent of what man does.

The ABC discussion indicates we may be already in a cooling cycle, but modified by man's actions. Over many cycles, millions of years, the cool periods are longer than the warm periods.


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How are we in a cooling cycle if global temperatures have broken temp highs almost 5 years in a row. They were saying that Alaska hit 100 for the first time and that Salmon are dying because some of the streams are 85 degrees.


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The researcher cites a theory having to do with the tilt of the Earth, but then all of the discussion is about empirical data, 'temperatures were cooling but then abated by man's greenhouse gas emissions'.

There was a researcher, Landscheight, who linked cyclical occurrences of ice ages to the movement of the the solar system's barycenter, the sum of the solar system's mass balance is a point in space that wobbles around the Sun. He had predicted we are in a global cooling period peaking in 2025.

There is an assumption that if they knew what caused ice or predictably coincided with ice ages, you could find that out by googling for it.

It would be (a kind of a change in the mass brainwashing of the population) if the consensus view of the experts get broadcast media time started saying ' oh because of the observable planetary movement we are forecasting a trend of near term global cooling, but we can mitigate its effects by countervailing greenhouse gas emission '. Kind of a heretical view today.


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Being an Alaskan for about 50 years now, my first response is, (delivered in a skeptical tone), Who is this "they"?

Considering Alaska is generally treated as a third world country, exploited for the resources, I'm curious about who actually did the research:
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I'm not saying it isn't happening, I'm saying check your resources. Amazingly some activists lie.

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