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Fellow sparkies!

I'm due to take my WA master electrical exam later this year. I have previously taken the WA journeyman's exam in 2009, and the CO master electrical exam in 2008.

If you have taken the WA master electrical exam, what prep course did you take (if any)?
What books are allowed? I'm guessing the usual NEC code book w/ tabs, Ugly's Electrical Reference, bound copies of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.28and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 296-46B. What else?
Do they allow the Calculated Industries 5070 ElectriCalc Pro Electrical Code Calculator into the exam (I've used it in the past)?

For preparation I was thinking:

2017 Master Exam Questions and Answers by Tom Henry2017 Calculations for the Electrical Exam by Tom Henry

I've got time on my side, so no big rush to cram study for it. Any guidance from anyone who has taken the exam within the last code cycle would be greatly appreciated.

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[FONT=&quot]2017 Master Exam Questions and Answers by Tom Henry[/FONT]


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Washington State Masters test

Washington State Masters test

Second the Load Calcs portion of the test. It is by far the most difficult portion of the test. I spent several weeks going over the sample questions from the prep class until i could get the right answers consistently.

Good Luck.

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I always recommended the Mike Holt Exam prep material (helps support this forum) and my students said it helped them pass. Many of the questions are the same as on the state exam...
As far as calcs go, yes they are challenging. When I took my Admin exam (1995) there was a question on a factory and large apartment building, but I passed 70.7%!
The test is given in parts and you only need to retake what you didn't pass. One test strategy is to work on the other sections and concentrate on the calcs part.
Nice part is you know that day if you pass.
Also, any trademarked book can be used, don't know about the calculator...and you can have a copy of the RCW/WAC printed from the internet.