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Welcome to this new topic series. We want to encourage anyone planning to make a formal Proposal to the 2008 NEC to post it here. It may seem a long way off but the cut-off date for proposals is less than a year away. Many of us will not even be operating under the 2005 edition by then.

First, making a proposal is fairly simple. The NFPA has provided all that is needed at this web page. Look in the upper right hand for forms and instructions.

Second, posting here will hopefully get a full range of practical comments supporting, opposing or clarifying your proposal. Ultimately it should help make a stronger proposal.

Finally, all of the other values / principals of the Forum apply here; however, opinions are more welcome than ever assuming we all desire "...the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. "

For our forum, I suggest using the following simplified format for each new topic item introduced:

1.) NEC Section/Paragraph:
2.) Proposal Recommends: [new text/revised text/deleted text (pick one)]
3.) Proposal: [Include old text, if applicable, and then proposed new or revised wording]
4.) Substantiation: [State the problem that will be resolved by your recommendation. (Why is it a problem? How will your proposal solve it?) Be as specific as possible.]

For those responding, if you recognize a coordination issue, please raise that as well as any other comments you may have.

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