Westinghouse ds breaker

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Does anyone who is formilar with that DS type of breaker feel that opening the breaker and racking it out to the disconnect point is the safe way to perform a lockout ? I have just opened the breaker and placed a lock on the lockout lever feeling this is ok , but have since spoken to other people who said it should be racked out since the swichgear is controled by a plc during power shedding times and anything can happen.

Should this be stated in our electrical work policy ?
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Placing a lock on the handle just insures that the handle is in the Off position, not that the power is dead. Even if you measure the load terminals to determine there is no voltage, there could be a problem that could inadvertently change that, i.e. a flashover due to and unrelated arc fault in the switchgear. Racking it out means it is no longer connected to the bus. Nothing is 100% safe, but safer is always better.
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