Wet Locations and communications cable indoors


I have a building with multiple runs of EMT in slab from an IDF to drop locations within the building, and the customer would like category 6 augmented cable. While NEC article 300 classifies in slab EMT as a wet location, with communication cable does this still apply?
Would I need OSP cable in this case?
If so, do i need a consolidation point to transition to indoor cable in the IDF if the patch panel the customer would like cabling terminated to is less than 50' from the point the cables become exposed?

Thanks for your help.


Staff member
I don't think the rules in Chapters 7 & 8 require wet location cables. It is a design issue and not a code issue. As far as using OSP cables inside the building, in general that is not permitted. I know you can buy wet rated CAT 5e, but have never looked for a CAT 6 for wet locations.