What is with hospitals push for rj45 controlled dimmer switches and lighting


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It seems like an engineer or architects way of making a higher commision. This one job spec'd 30 wattstopper elcu-200s which is a legrand product they sale for about 100 a pop thats crazy to me to just control lighting.

This kind of install has lacked coordination on the last few jobs. They didnt spec a powerpack for areas where non rj45 lighting fixtures were used alongside ones that had them. There is no power yet on the building but the way he wired the wattstopper he didnt use the switch sense leg as the switch has no switchleg its all rj45 i keep telling him we need a powerpack and we could use the relay contact as a switch leg but he says this would work. I have a feeling it will not and that the lights on the elcu 200 will burn constant the way they are wired. I guess wha tr i need to do if they arent is open one of the lights with the rj45 connector and see if that pack has a switchleg coming from the powerpack and tap into it as my switch sense. I cant see this posing any problem as there shouldnt be any load on it afterwards.