When to protect grounding electrode

In the 2017 code 210.10 states that: "Ground rood clamps or other fittings exposed to physical damage shall be enclosed in metal, wood or equivalent protective cover".
Wouldn't 4" PVC qualify as "equivalent protective cover for above ground terminations? Wouldn't 4" PVC qualify as an equivalent protective cover?
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Where are there ground rods that the clamps are left above the ground, 10' rods?
They are 10' rods installed for the services to each CHU (Containerized Housing Unit) used on camp in Iraq. They are required to be above ground for periodic testing per the SOW (Statement Of Work). They are in light to moderate pedestrian traffic areas. They are incapsulated from a few inches below ground to a height which extends above the grounding electrode and the ground clamp. Covers over the top are not used.

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Yes a PVC pipe and cap would be sufficient. We (as an industry) used to leave our ground rods above grade with the awful two screw clamps. Then it was pointed out the ground rod had to have 8 ft in contact with the soil, meaning a ten foot rod was required. In the early 1980s, the direct bury ground rod clamp was developed, so we could drive our rods 8 ft deep. I typically see ground wells made of concrete around the ground rod connection, they have a flush cover.
Re:tesing the GR resistance, there are clamp on testers that are easy to use. The GEC does not have to be disconnected.