Which NEC edition for testing in CA?

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As far as ican see, the host's website you referred me to states that it's the 2005 NEC that California is currently testing on.

Being a Doubting Thomas, as the consequences of acting on incorrect information would be in the thousands, I doublechecked with the California CSLB.

Luisa Martinez, Manager of the Electrical Certification Unit of the Division of Apprentiship Standards, responded that they are still using the 2002 in all testing locations, and will switch to the 2008 next year.

So it seems the 2005 will never be the code tested on.

I hate when I get conflicting information. But I would think the CSLB would be the horse's mouth. Wouldn't you?

Laurence Jacobs


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Welcome to the computer age, IE trash in, trash out.

If you used any of the data to clear up your understanding, then in fact it?s not such a bad thing!

I?ve flagged this thread so the moderators can forward it and hopefully get the page corrected, if they haven?t already done it themselves, already.
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