Whole House Standby Generator Install wiring ?

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I am planning on installing a 22KW standby generator at my cabin. The generator and transfer switch will be located at utility meter post which is about 300’ from cabin. The utility feed after meter is underground and 3 conductor 4 gauge aluminum. The utility ground at meter post is a bare stranded copper 6 gauge connected to a ground wire.

The main breaker box at cabin is connected to the 3 conductor 4 gauge underground utility feed from the utility meter and the main breaker box is grounded via a 6 gauge stranded copper wire connected to a ground rod

Will it suffice to connect the transfer switch box case and generator ground just to the utility ground rod at the meter location - or is it necessary for me to have to run an ~ 300 ‘ underground copper ground wire that diectly connects the Utility ground rod to the cabin’s main circuit breaker box ground? I am hoping I won’t have the additional work involved in running a ~ 300’ underground ground wire ?

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You do not seem to be related to the electrical industry, per forum rules we do not allow posts from DIYers, as we don’t know what else they are not asking. From your brief description, there are some red flags on your project. Suggest get with an electrical contractor
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