Whos fault?

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It's insane enough if it was the GC that wants you to pony up, but the POCO? Do they think you have the word "SUCKER!" tattooed on your forehead?

I think you should strip the entire panel down and megger it all, then charge the POCO bookoo bucks for investigating (and repairing if necessary!) the potential damage they did you your switchgear. No shortcuts. No discounts. Charge full-bore rates.

I like that. I did have a energy management controler hooked up. It didn't get turned on.

I guess it would have been worth it to drive the 2 hours each way. I have the paper work on what voltage transformer they said they were going to put in, so I just thought everythig would go fine.


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Did you telll the GC to turn it on so you didn't have to drive the 2 hours?


The GC is not mad at me he knows he turned it on but the POCO wants me to pay half

I don't think it was a good idea to tell the GC to turn on the main without being there to check things out. There could be a problem with your equipment in the future.

But it wasn't your equipment where the problem occured. The power company should have paperwork on the correct voltage to be supplied and I have never seen an installation where they didn't check to make sure their side was functioning.

I would ask the POCO if they have a written policy that an electrician needs to be on the job site for power to be turned on. Many times a transformer will be changed out without an electrician there when power is restored, happens all the time. If this transformer is damaged by a lightning strike will they need an electrician to hold their hand when they restore power? Are they in the habbit of just installing a transformer and waiting for an electrician to call a tell them if it was installed correctly?

I would probably just try to embarrass the heck out of the POCO by asking them if they feel qualified to do their job. "You guys ever hear of a volt meter"? "Want me to come with you on your next install to make sure you don't screw it up"?


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I agree with telling the PoCo to pound sand, and with an intent to charge them for any time they cause you to lose. There's no excuse for mis-reading a work order.

They screwed up and they know it. If you should have been there, why did they energize without waiting for you? Did they even make any attempt to contact you?


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Well there is definitely 2 sides to this story one the power company installed the wrong transformer if this wasn't a new service and it was a replacement transformer for an existing building ime sure they would be responsible for all damage's they have a work order do they not test voltages to see if everything is correct . Now you told the gc to flip the breaker. Now does that justify half I don't think so. You must take the offensive with the power company they created a dangerous situation and they know it dont bother talking to the gc talk directly to the power company .


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Power Companies have insurance like all of us -- they just don't like to admit they made a mistake. Get a hold of the representative for this area and explain to him that it will be a whole lot cheaper to pay for the damage than to go to court and pay the damage. The screw up is probably being covered up by the local yard, the supervisors don't know about it "Maybe it will go away?" type deal ?? I have been there four times --they will pay !! Had them install a delta transformer to a shopping center which burnt up 1/3 of all the lighting ballasts. They actually turned the mains "on" after connecting the service. Another time their sub contractor got a neutral crossed up with a phase leg--actually caused a fire!! Get to the right people and they will pay the bill !
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im gonna say you need to after the poco or the gc heres the main question who through the main? obviously not you. who ever is at fault is lucking no one got hurt, loose ends , wires not termd yet etc.


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I know who's fault it is but don't know what to do. Here it is

I just put on a new service on a small store a 400 amp 120/208. Everything went good. Job is 2 hours away so I was not their when the power company set their transformer and hooked up power. About 5 min after they hooked up I guess the GC plugged in 4 battery chargers and a siccors lift. They all strated smoking. It turns out the power company set the wrong transformer. I don't know what voltage they but it fried everything. By the time I got their they had fixed it.
Now they want me to pay for half of the stuff that got fried because its my service and I should have been their to check it. What do I do?

The POWER CO set the WRONG transformer. That is who made the mistake. You probably had plans that told you what equipment to install. They shuold know and check their work.


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I was hoping this thread got dragged out of its shallow grave to tell us that the POCO had agreed to take 100% liability.

I leave the thread disappointed.
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